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by Ms Elizabeth Maina -
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This is to bring to your attention that the Sodel3 (The LMS) that you have been using, shall be migratted to a newer and better version which be in use starting in the next semester
Orientation on how to login into the new systems will be done on 6th of May 
Registration of Units shall be done using the ERP System just like the other programs of the University

Students will register in the system and accordingly "HOWTO" shall also be delivered in the same date (6th May 2021)

Kindly note that if you had deffered in the year 2020, you shall also migrate.

For you to register in the ERP System, you must follow the University FEE PAYMENT POLICY
"Payment shall be paid in full or in two instalment as follows"

  1. First instalment shall be paid before the start of the the semester. This will include 50% of the tuition fees plus 100% of other applicable charges.
  2. Second Instalment of 50% tuition fees must be paid in full by the twelfth (12th) week of the semester.